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Get Vexed!

The devil wants to keep us away from feeling God's presence as much as he can.

You know, we can be in God's presence & yet not feel it?

God can hear us, but we still cannot hear Him, He can speak to us we still cannot hear! God can feel our pain, sorrow, sufferings and hurt but we cannot feel Him comfort us...

We don't let Him. We don't pray.

We don't listen. We want things to work out now now now!

We want to plan and execute our plans ASAP (As soon as possible)

We loose patience

We loose focus

We end up losing hope, trust and faith!

It is time to call God again!

Rise and pray. God hears

He is with you. He feels you.

Open your heart to Him Despite the situation you may be going through.

Jesus! God is full of love that not withstanding how long, He waits for us to call Him and realise He's there.

Notwithstanding the curses and questions we throw at Him, the times we underestimate His abilities, the times when we serve other gods; people, money, career, education, He still waits for us.

He still hears when we call. Call Him now.

Let go of everything you are doing

Make a conscious decision and invite God into your situation

He is waiting...

He loves you

He is hurt that you are going through this chaos by yourself

He wants to be a part of this tough time.

He wants to turn your pain to gain.

He wants to make you happy even when your situation seems nappy and never ending.

He wants to give you hope to carry on; to see that greater is coming

God loves you too much for you to carry all these burden

Come, please lay them down at the feet of your father

Don't waste anymore time trying to fix it. Just leave it

Leave it to God that knows exactly what He's doing; He knows what's going on!

You'll be fine. It will be over soon.

Whether you decide to let God or not... it will be over soon.

But what will be your result?

Let God and come out better, stronger & with greater achievement

or do it by yourself & become depressed, suicidal or with lower self-esteem? or maybe pass with what will only last for a short period?

You choose.

God can make these thorns to a glorious crown of eternal life. Just let Him.

He wants you to bring it to Him. Please. Do not let the blood & coming of Jesus be in vain.

Surrender unto Him & let Him take over!

Arise, get vexed and pray!

God is waiting, listening and ready to take action once you call and invite Him.

#weakness #Toughtimes #hurt #Godslove #Prayers

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