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_____________ MANY PEOPLE LEFT BEHIND_____________

The devil Didnt Want Me To share this with You,he tried all he could to stop me from posting this, He fight me last night for this but Glory be to God Here is the message...

•The Lord Gave me this dream so I could share with his people. Only because of the love he has for us, No1 knows the time Yeah, but he wants us to be prepared for the rapture....

in my dream So many Souls left behind Incluiding those i was walking with, only because they wasnt ready, they didnt focus on God but on Other things, they Never repent of their sins or Seek God, they was busy playing, talking and doing other things so when the time Came I went and they didnt make it.

When I felt they all knew it was rapture and started to repent but it was TOO LATE , they cried but it was too late.


•So Fix With God while you still have time.

••Come to God while You still have the opportunity to do it.

•••Dont wait until its too late..

••••The Lord Wants us to seek first his kingdom and Everything else will be given to us.

God bless You All.

Sister Blanche Munia.

Watch full video here:

#Endtime #Jesusiscomingsoon #vision #revelation #Godslove #seekGod

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