Bank Details

The Restorers

Sort code: 40-46-13

Account number: 42067994

Bank name: HSBC


Joining the project is as easy as just praying with and for us, attending our free events and donating to our activities. However, if you would like to join us hands-on, just contact us! Your support will always be need. whether you have a specialisation or not, you will be a great restorer if you let God use you. Looking forward to hearing from you! 

There are always and will always be opportunities to voullunteer with or as a restorer. All our activites and events are all vouluntary we basically have no paid staff. This ensures that we do what we do because we have been called to, we love what to do and we desire to restore! 


So if you believe you have been called for this too, contact us and join in ASAP! Your help is needed. :) Please find your nearest 'Restorer Refresh Stop' and start from there. 

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West Bromwich, UK

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