• The African Show 2021
    Sat, 06 Nov
    88 Owen St
    After a whole year of fear, uncertainties and tears, it is time to rejoice again for the hope that we have left. The gift of life and a promising future. This year promises to be extremely entertaining, intriguing and worth every second.
  • The African Show 2019
    Sat, 24 Aug
    Funpacked, entertaining and unforgettable!

The Restorers host the very entertaining, fun packed and unforgettable African show every year in Birmingham! The African show is hosted to raise money towards homeless shelters and other aims of the Restorers. Every profit made is put towards the good cause. 

This allows you to enjoy a fun family friendly evening as well as make a great impact in the lives of people in need! There will be more events coming up as we successfully grow. For you not to miss out from any of these, why not subscribe to our mailbox and follow us on our social media networks now!